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  • Respect. Big lifts bring it, grip slip gets in the way. Terminate big lift slip and pull in the plush comfort of genuine Haulin’ Hooks Straps. Which prove that even though it’s a tough economy out there, there’s no reason to lynch wrists with low budget, foreign made lifting straps.
    Invest in a pair of USA made Haulin Hooks Weightlifting  Straps, and stay focused on lifting Big with a non-constricting, super plush neoprene wrist wrap. Get a full 6mm of Neoprene protection on Strap 1000#, and 5mm for the 650#‘s. Combine that with a 2″ wide x 12″ Long reinforced Strap for the 1000#, and an 11″ x 1.5″ wrapping strap for the 650# model, and it’s go time for gains. Both models are certified pull tested tough and guaranteed to survive advertised load ratings. Haulin Hooks Straps 1000 & 650 feature full replacement warranties against defects in materials or craftsmanship.

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  • Respect. Big lifts bring it, grip slip won’t. Terminate grip loss and target muscles like an Original with Haulin Hooks. Like no other weightlifting hooks or straps ever, Originals have both so the perfect attachment option for any exercise can be selected instantly. Patented ‘Never Drop’ 1/4″ diameter Hooks, ’Custom Fit’ hook sleeves, plush 5mm Neoprene wrist protection, and a robust 650# pull rating makes lifting Big just happen. Expect no less than excess with genuine Haulin Hooks Originals.

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    If your Hardcore take a step up from the Originals and get the same patented ‘Dual Attach’ option, ‘Never Drop’ hooks, and ‘Custom Fit’ hook sleeves. But in a bolder design that includes heavier 5/16″ diameter hooks, thicker 6mm Neoprene wrist protection, military grade nylon webbing, and a legit  800# pull rating. Go Hardcore with Haulin Hooks attitude and get noticed in any of 8 custom colors; black, purple, orange, yellow, grey, lime, red, tan.   US Patent #7,008,355 B2   TM

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  • Respect. Big Lifts bring it, grip slip denies. Terminate grip loss and target muscles like a Professional with genuine Haulin Hooks. Like no other weightlifting hooks or straps ever, over the top Professionals give lifters not one, but two weight attachment options. Choose instantly between Power lifter sized 2″ wide x 12″ long wrapping Straps, or Pro Bodybuilder grade 5/16″ ‘Never Drop’ Hooks. Add to that ‘Custom Fit’ hook sleeves, super plush 6mm neoprene wrist protection, astronomical #1250 pound pull rating, and Big lifts just happen. No less than excess Haulin Hooks Professionals come in 2 sizes XXL (Red std. color) for wrists larger than 7.5″ diameter, and XL (Silver std. color) for everyone else. Optional colors are Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Flame. USA made commercial grade with lifetime replacement warranty *US Patent # 7,008,355 B2

    Lift more, Pull more, Grow more respect?  Command it with best overall Haulin’ Hooks Professional grade.

    US Patent #:  #7,008,335

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  • Nothing draws attention like an expertly formed feminine physique.  And nothing sculpts better than Women’s Haulin’ Hooks. Featuring short & sweet straps plus ultra thin hooks, this patented combination provides lady lifters with the perfect attachment for everything from Aerobics to Cross fit. ‘Custom Fit’ hook sleeves provide perfect fit, and ‘Never Drop’ hooks keep dumbbells secure. Slim wrist wraps conform, and neoprene protects to complete this lightweight grip aid that perfectly complements the lady lifter. Women’s Haulin’ Hooks are available in six custom colors. US Patent #:  #7,008,355 – Sold in Pairs

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  • Respect comes from lifting Big. And nothing brings it like genuine Haulin Hooks. Forged in the fires of competition one and Onlys deliver Big time with patented ‘Never Drop’ 1/4″ diameter hooks, ‘Custom Fit’ hook sleeves, 5mm plush neoprene wrist protection, and a bodacious 650# load rating. Attack weights in confidence and earn the cred you deserve with Haulin Hooks Onlys. Built for those who expect no less than excess. US PATENT #7,008,355B2/TM


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  • As recommended in the book:
       Shoulder Pain? The Solution and Prevention by John M. Kirsch, MD
    As recorded in books chapter authored by Roleigh Martin, M.A.;
      Roleigh Martin’s Tips for Hanging Equipment & Hanging Technique: Bar Hanging for Shoulder Health – A Consumer Guide to Therapeutic Bar Hanging  by Roleigh Martin, M.A.
       – HAULIN HOOKS Hanging Onlys are equipped with 3-1/2″ Wide Hooks for enhanced hand/bar contact, as opposed to standard Onlys which feature our general weightlifting 2-1/2″ wide hooks. For additional information, please contact us at info@lpgmuscle.com or phone 570-322-2255

    US Patent #:  #7,008,355 – Sold in Pairs


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