Cable Machine Handles (Double)

Cable Machine Handles (Double)


Pull Forces radical split finger pull tools completely outperform clunky steel cable machine handles in every way.  With 20% more gripping power, Pull Force cable machine handles give athletes the ability to direct even more resistance against targeted muscles for superior strength and size gains.  Results that won’t be hindered by unnecessary joint stress common to fixed steel handles.  This is due to Pull Forces unique “freestyle” cable suspension which also promotes natural, unrestrained force production and sport conditioning.

Patent Pending:  US 61/341,401

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Product Description



  • Live motion handles promote optimal muscular force production
  • Deliver more overall muscle stimulation with less joint stress
  • Superior grip for more repetitions per set


  • Easily attaches to all common cable resistance machines
  • Can be used for all common “pulling type” cable exercises
  • Patent pending split finger power grip
  • 1500# load rated, live motion cable suspension
  • Single and double handle options
  • Available in 1-1/4″ Standard and 1-3/4″ Fatty handles sizes
  • Lightweight quiet and corrosion proof

Patent Pending:  US 61/341,401

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in


Grip Size

Standard Handle, Fatty Handle

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