Product review by kohy

It’s time to dig into the gym bag and take a look at one of my secret weapons. If you are serious about adding upper body mass, then you should have some variation of the dip is in your training arsenal. For advanced users who require a little extra resistance you’ve probably fed chain through few plates, looped-up a nylon strap, and fought to get it just right around your hips, only to turn your dip session into a game of dodge the swinging plates. The folks over at have taken this all into consideration and created a dipping belt designed crown the weighted dip as king of upper-body compound exercises!

First of all, I purchased one of their E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belts about 2 years ago online. After a weekly pounding, it’s as strong and sturdy as it was on day one. Upon opening the package and being able to see and feel the quality, I was immediately set at ease for paying a bit more than some other models I shopped at the time. The actual belt itself, seemed to be made of a flexible yet durable synthetic material that will likely outlast anything else in my gym bag. The time I spilled a shake on it, I had no problem throwing it in the washer and dryer. I wouldn’t dare try that with a belt made from organic materials such as leather and cotton! It attaches in front with a single, heavy-duty, adjustable plastic snap enclosure. I have yet to have the belt come unclasped while using it, considering I usually wear it tightly around my waist, with loads up to 120lb.

The real innovation of this belt lies in the metalwork. The chain is anchored wide at the hips and can be attached at adjustable lengths. This makes for a more stable accent/decent into your dipping motion WITH NO SWING! The most versatile, piece is what they call the Super “J” Dumbbell Hook Dumbbell Loading System, which allows the user to use a standard dumbbell as your  dip resistance. This means two things 1) you can use a more incremental resistance levels offered by dumbbells over plates 2) a much quicker loading/unloading of your weight in between sets. The attaching hook grasps the dumbbell along the length of the bar, the way it would if you were picking it up with your hand. If you gym uses dumbbells with a larger than standard grip diameter you may experience some dumbbell sticking. This minor setback lessens over time and is easily remedied with a slight tap of 5lb plate too loosen up the grip. If you’re one of those people who are just old school and prefer to use plates on your dips, you can take advantage of the adjustable chain and spring loaded clips to quickly adjust your poundages.

Overall, the E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt, has been one of the best investments I’ve made, by taking one of my favorite upper-body exercises and making it even better. It offers little to no drawbacks, and lives up the  hype as described on the website. For more info on this product check out the link below. LPG Muscle makes some really kick-ass high quality tools  for people who are serious about hitting the iron. I’ll be sure to stay tuned for their next revolutionary product!