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Hog Legs Bicep Curls Proper Form

A simple curl exercise allows for isolation of and strength gain in the biceps.  These curls are easily and efficiently done on a low pulley cable machine. Typically this exercise can be performed using a barbell or a cable machine.  Difference is, when using barbells the exercise allows for rest at the top of the […]

Hog Legs Tricep Press Down Proper Form

The Triceps muscle group requires  proper technique to gain the mass you require.  Biceps are traditionally the biggest focus in a gym, but the triceps are a larger muscle group and an integral part of any upper body/arm  workout.   When training the triceps press down, or pushdown helps build definition and triceps strength. Cable machines […]

4″ Double Tri-Bells Form and Function

Triceps extensions are an integral portion of any strength training and weightlifting session. Proper technique ensures safety and maximum performance if done with correct form. The Tri-Bells by LPGmuscle allow for better muscle targeting than traditional ropes due to the patent pending design. The unique palm style grip allows for more flexibility in your wrists […]