We here at LPGmuscle are willing to bet that you are not working out to your full potential because your grip does not allow you to.

Think about it, if someone would GUARANTEE you more weight and more reps on the very next back day doing deads would you step up?  We DO guarantee that and much, much more.  Any pulling type exercise that grip failure is the limiting factor on you being able to max out your workout our Haulin Hooks are guaranteed to help you.

Have you lost partial use of your hand or hands?  Lost parts of fingers or born without some or all of them?  Tendonitis in your elbow keeping you from being able to workout?  Can your existing hooks allow you to perform without the worry of the weight spilling out of your hands?  Is your grip strength, or lack of grip strength not allowing you to get the most out of your workouts?  YOU NEED TO CONTACT US!
We want to see it, post it to your Facebook, YouTube or any other file sharing service and send us a link to Carl@LPGmuscle.com
We are looking for any product review, product use type videos to help promote our products and we have found the best referrals come from our existing customers.

The following are a couple of videos we have found, posted by customers for informational use for potential future customers, if you have any questions, please contact us via phone, email or the live chat feature available on the website.