Delt-Belt Upright Row / Multi-use Strap system was created to provide the smoothest, most joint friendly Upright Row ever!  To experience the superior conditioning effects Delt-Belt guarantees, simply load a dumbbell into the Patented “Super J” never drop hook, grasp the handles, and while standing upright slowly draw your elbows up towards the ceiling as far as possible.  Lower and repeat to set completion.  If necessary, the dumbbell location can easily be adjusted to suit user body height by slipping the hook from one sleeve and relocating to a more suitable location.  Excess hanging hook sleeves may then be set out of the way by using the convenient Velcro on the back of the unit.

To use Delt-Belt as a multi-use cable resistance machine pulling strap, simply attach Delt-Belts 500# load rated D-ring to a resistance machine cable snap hook after taking care to assure hook sleeves are up and out of the way.  Grasp handles and commence with exercise.  Hook can remain positioned in the Delt-Belt without interference, however should hook present a problem, simply remove it, then get back to Lifting more, Pulling more and Growing more muscle!