E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt was designed and created to deliver much faster weight changes between sets along with more comfort and security than anything dipping belt in its class!  To use your new E-Z Dip Dumbbell Dipping Belt you’ll first need to remove one end of the chain from the snap hook, taking care not to lose the “Super J” dumbbell hook.  Next wrap the E-Z Dip around your waist, connect snap buckle and tug adjustment strap to desired tightness.  You may now reattach the chain, with “Super J” dumbbell hook on it, to the snap hook on the belt.

Place desired dumbbell in “Super J” dumbbell hook and if necessary, adjust vertical location of dumbbell by selecting the appropriate chain link.  Once a custom fit is achieved, you may use the E-Z Dip belt for any weighted exercise without the fear of discomfort, or load loss.  So go ahead and Lift more, Pull more and Grow more!