A simple curl exercise allows for isolation of and strength gain in the biceps.  These curls are easily and efficiently done on a low pulley cable machine.

Typically this exercise can be performed using a barbell or a cable machine.  Difference is, when using barbells the exercise allows for rest at the top of the exercise, with a cable machine there is constant strain placed on the muscles and the benefit of resistance throughout the exercise movement.

The cable machine also allows for the possibility of heavier weights and allows you to maintain form much easier as you can use your elbows against your body to maintain correct form. (also see our Tri-Bells blog posts)

Benefits of using our Hog Legs Fat Cable Bars

  • Handle more plates
  • Grows more muscle
  • Minimizes joint stress
  • Optimizing Muscle Targeting


  • 1 3/4” commercial grade tubing (Almost twice the size of a standard bar)
  • Powder coated non-slip grip
  • Muscle targeting
  • Joint friendly

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