The Triceps muscle group requires  proper technique to gain the mass you require.  Biceps are traditionally the biggest focus in a gym, but the triceps are a larger muscle group and an integral part of any upper body/arm  workout.   When training the triceps press down, or pushdown helps build definition and triceps strength.

Cable machines allow for the possibility of  heavier weights and allows you to maintain proper form much easier than many other triceps  exercises, (also see our Tri-Bells blog posts)

Benefits of using our Hog Legs Fat Cable Bars

  • Handle more plates
  • Grows more muscle
  • Minimizes joint stress
  • Optimizing Muscle Targeting


  • 1 3/4” commercial grade tubing (Almost twice the size of a standard bar)
  • Powder coated non-slip grip
  • Muscle targeting
  • Joint friendly

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