It’s simple, whoever rows the most repetitions at 50% of actual bodyweight while wearing a set of Haulin Hooks, wins their choice of Grip Freak Standard, Delt Belt, E-Z Dip Belt, or 2 Hog Legs cable bars. Just take a video and post it on youtube then on our facebook wall.

Contest Rules: Must video record and document actual bodyweight. Contest Dumbbell weight will then be determined by multiplying bodyweight x 50%, and rounding up or down (202lb or less = 200lb, 203lb plus = 205lbs) to a 5lb increment to accommodate dumbbells. Example: 200lb bodyweight x 50% = 100lb Dumbbell to be used. Contestant must then video record the dumbbells marked poundage, along with the maximum number of Dumbbell Rows completed, uninterrupted to exhaustion. All repetitions must be performed within normal exercise range of motion for credit. Last day for video submissions is December 15th. After that a winner will be chosen by the 20th of December.

Any questions contact [email protected]