Pull Force Hi performance pull tools can be easily attached to any cable resistance machine for a flexible, no fail grip alternative to common steel cable handles.  To experience unhindered freedom of movement, simply attach them to any resistance machine cable snap link.  Next grasp the handle(s) with a split finger grip (cable between middle and index finger) and begin pulling exercise of choice for back, shoulders, biceps, and abdominal muscle groups. 
Remember to focus on the targeted muscles by moving as needed throughout exercise range of motion in order to achieve maximum joint articulation and muscle stimulation!  Don’t worry about grip loss interrupting the focus, go ahead and drop that weight stack pin with the security of our split finger, hold tight, center pull gripping power!

* Standard handle versions can also be used with our Haulin’ Hooks brand of weightlifting hooks for increased pulling power, taking the weaker muscle groups of the hands out of the equation.
That’s right, we’re talking serious Lift more, Pull more, Grow more power!