HOG LEGS ‘Arm Yourself’ SET

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Hog Legs Live Action


FREE SHIPPING!!!  Arm yourself in the Bicep Triceps war for more with this unique collection of HOG LEGS Fat. And save over 10% in the process. Then Shock and Awe those arms for serious swell with Multiple Angles of Attack. Take hold of the Boar Tusks and Reverse Curl Forearms, then go high pulley to target Triceps. Fill those palms with Hog Balls and nuke Triceps with Push Downs and Forearms with Reverse Curls. Follow up the assault with Bicep Straight Bar Curls. Finish it with Pork Chop 90 & Ham Bones 30 degree triceps press downs. Win Arms that command respect with the Hog Legs Arm Ur Self Set. Complete with HOG BALLS FAT, BOAR TUSK, PORK CHOP, and HAM BONE Fat Bar. All HOG LEGS are USA made, Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. TM