EZ SQUAT ‘Dumbbell’


EZ SquatDumbbell Squat with EZ SQUAT. The Faster, Safer, More Effective way to Squat and Dead lift. Designed for rapid weight changes, E-Z SQUAT DUMBBELL attaches to *common dumbbell handles in seconds. Superior to barbell’s, E-Z SQUAT keeps loads off of athlete’s spines and safely close to bodies center. With ergonomically placed Non-Slip Handles that position the body for Perfect Squat Form. All while preventing excessive knee strain and forward body tilt. As is common with standard dumbbell squats. EZ SQUAT DUMBBELL Handles are Commercial Grade and fully backed by Lifetime Replacement Warranties  US Patent # 6,939,274,B2  TM

(*dumbbells must have minimum 5 1/4″ handle length between heads)