HOG LEGS ‘Sub Primal’

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Hog Legs Live Action

FRESH INVENTORY FINALLY AVAILABLE GET EM WHILE YOU CAN!!! FREE SHIPPING! Super Sized EZ Curl Bar. Go SUBPRIMAL on Biceps and Triceps cable machine workouts. Lift more weight like right now and experience ‘Live Action’ Training. Complements of an industry leading Swivel Attachment Ring. Delivering unequaled Movement Freedom, Optimal Muscle Stimulation, with Zero Friction. Add to that SUBPRIMALS Rotating Center, Custom Curves, and 1 3/4″ of Fist Filling Girth. Its easy to understand how this 29″ Wide Arm Blaster has become a best seller. Use for Biceps & Forearm Curls, Close & Wide Grip Triceps Extensions. SUBPRIMAL is USA Made Commercial Grade and backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. TM