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Hog Legs Live Action


Tool up for growth and save over 15% with a HOG LEGS Back Pac. An essential Fat Bar Collection that delivers Big time variety. Get Cable Machine, Free Weight, and Body Weight Exercise options. Go wide on Lat Pull Downs or Reverse Cable Pull Downs with the 48″ Lat and Straight Lat Bar. Then reach for greatness with Multi-Row or Razorback Wide ‘LIVE ACTION’ Pull Ups. Get grounded with old school T-Barbell Rows. Then finish Back muscles off with Seated Cable Rows. Go home and Grow. Fact is from every angle, the Hog Legs Back Pac has yours covered. All USA Made Commercial Grade with Lifetime Replacement Warranties. **Package comes complete with RAZORBACK WIDE & MULTI-ROW HANDLES, 48″ ANGLED & 48″ STRAIGHT LAT BARS, plus T-BARBELL RING, CHAIN, SNAP LINK, and PULL-UP HOOK.