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If you’re going to invest in a rope, be warned all are not created equal in web world… Not even close!! Just remember you get what you pay for. Which is why our Double TRICEP ROPE EXTREME is Longer at 18″ from eyelet to bottom of hand stop. For more flexibility and a better pump. The unique woven rope is designed for less wear than inferior plastic ropes. And best of all TRICEP ROPE EXTREME is softer to the touch. For a Superior No Slip Grip no matter how intense the workout. Load secured with Premium 3″ Hand Stops that will NEVER fail. The end result is a Hi-Performance Triceps Rope that destroys the competition and gives you the training edge. So what are you waiting for? Order a TRICEP ROPE EXTREME right now and have it for that next record smashing workout. And rest assured you’ll get what you paid for. As our ropes are fully backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Try that with the other guy’s ropes….Enough said we rest our case.

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