Double Overhead Rope Extension and Press Downs ropes all pretty much look and function same. And primarily target the long heads of the Triceps muscles. As palms facing Tricep exercises typically do! That’s why top trainers recommended lifters also perform palms down exercises like Cable Bar Press Downs. Which target and condition lateral triceps heads as well. Because as good as Triceps Extension Ropes perform, they only address 33% of the triceps training equation! That said, to achieve optimal training results try this. Use our Tricep Extension Rope for 4 sets of 15,12,9,6. With a 2 second ‘hold’ at full contraction (arm straight), and a 3 seconds return to arm bent start position. Remember to add weight every set. Finish the Triceps workout using a TRIBELLS 6″ SINGLE or DOUBLE model. Or grab a HOG LEGS Ham Hock or Ham Bone Cable Machine Bar and crank out four sets of 12,9,6,4 Repetitions. With maximum usable weight for each successive set. Then go home and……..grow! SEE 850# PULL TEST BELOW!!

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