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Shrug Pro Trap Bar throw down and the winner is…..SHRUG PRO! Ever essential Shrugs can be anything but fun when awkwardly loading a trap bar from the floor. Wrestling Heavy Dumbbells into position. Or rubbing thighs raw from barbell abrasion! Leave all that behind and get motivated with *Patented SHRUG PRO. A stand alone Handles & Weight Plate Rack System that’s easily adjusted vertically to fit any athlete. Body hugging SHRUG PRO’s are designed to be cleared and landed with a slight bend at the knees. Eliminating risk of injury, while maximizing Shrug Exercise benefits. Additionally and unlike common Trap Bars, SHRUG PRO’s operate independently of each other for superior training effect. Optional Shin Rollers forever end negative contact with soft body tissue and help to keep heavy loads close to bodies center. Making SHRUG PRO with Rollers the perfect Farmer’s Walk Handles System. SHRUG PRO’s are USA Made with Full Lifetime Replacement Warranties. *US Patent # 6,689,022 B1 TM

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