4″ Single and Double Tri-Bells

Designed to maximize the exercise movement and to hit the triceps heads unlike any other triceps extension due to our unique palm style grip. Better muscle stimulation due to increased and varied exercise angles.  Picture in your head a conventional fist grip for a normal triceps rope; very limited angle variation, our Patented palm style grip allows for better muscle targeting by allowing the user to change the angles due to the flexibility of this unique grip style.

To perform any rope type triceps extension exercise with Tri-Bells, simply attach cable suspension loop to the snap hook of cable resistance machine.  Next place palm(s) over Tri-Bells Hi-tech hemisphere(s) with suspension cable positioned between thumb and pointing finger.  Begin exercise by situating body accordingly (kneeling, standing, lying etc) with elbow(s) bent to form a right angle and under tension of weight stack, straighten arms against resistance until straight.   Hold this full extension muscle contraction for 1-2 seconds, then slowly (2-4 seconds) bend elbows (lowering weight stack) until arm(s) once again reach the starting position angle.  Repeat until desired set repetitions are completed.