6″ Super Single Tri-Bells

Designed to maximize the exercise movement and to hit the triceps heads unlike any other triceps extension due to our unique palm style grip. Better muscle stimulation due to increased and varied exercise angles.  Our Patented palm style grip allows for better muscle targeting by allowing the user to change the angles due to the flexibility of this unique grip style.

To perform the new Tri-Bells overhead cable extension exercise, simply attach the cable suspension loop to the snap hook of any cable resistance machine Adjust bench until body is in optimal position for the exercise, you are now ready to grip the hemispherical surface by placing one hand on top of each other (be sure to alternate hand position for each set), with cable located between thumb and pointer finger.  With elbows bent at approximately 90 degrees and under tension, press forward (or outward) and away from the weight stack until full triceps contraction is achieved when arms are straightened.  Bend elbows as weight stack is lowered to original position and repeat until desired repetitions are achieved or until you can seriously Lift more, Pull more, Grow more!

Another exercise suggested by one of our customers is to use the 6″ Tri-bell as a base for doing the very popular triangle pushup, the 6″ hemisphere placed on the ground allows for optimal hand position and wrist angles to make this exercise much more comfortable than ever before.